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Rumours of gun touting poachers, police brutality and government corruption - the South African fishing industry has it all.

The poachers of Cape Town are commonly perceived as gun waving mercenaries of the sea - only interested in getting rich and destroying any chance of sustainable fisheries in the process. Many of these fishermen have lived off the ocean for generations - with their small boats they would head to sea and bring back just enough to sustain their families and make a little profit. So what has driven them to poach?

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While Jason Peachey has been Drag Queen, Baroness Peaches, for the past 6 years his brother and fiancé  have never seen a show.

We follow him in the lead up to a performance that will reveal how his family and, somewhat reluctant, fiancé will react.
Warning, this documentary features strong language that may offend a sensitive viewer. Viewer discretion is advised.

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